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Program Overview

Moon Landing is an acceleration program from Protocol Labs designed to onramp storage providers with real data. By participating in Moon Landing, storage providers will store public and enterprise datasets onto the Filecoin network.


Connect with fellow storage providers in the ecosystem

Grow your business by acquiring datasets from various data clients

Earn and increase your block rewards via Quality Adjusted Power


  • Store deals with Fil+ through Slingshot, E Fil+, and LDN and earn 10x Quality Adjusted Power
  • Grow your SP business together with other participants in your capsule to further your impact
  • Get hands-on help from our engineers and long-term Fil+ community members
  • Join the Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service offering and store under-replicated datasets in the Fil+ network


Month 1

Learn about Moon Landing Get to know your capsule mates

Month 2

Start the process of sealing verified deals

Month 3

Complete sealing of your 1st 10TiB of verified deals with Moon Landing

Month 4

Complete sealing your 1st replica from another SP in your country / continent 20TiB data milestone

Month 5

Complete sealing another replica from another SP in a different country / continent...

Month 6

40TiB milestone

Month 7

End of the Moon Landing program - congratulations graduates!!!


Starboard SP ROI Calculator
Multisig Demo
Introduction to IPFS with Allen Cho
Singularity Demo